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Need a profile that really stands out?
For professionals looking for an online presence solution that gives them a stylized profile that commands attention from the crowd.
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Our profiles are dedicated promotional tools for jobseekers without side ads from third-parties or other jobseeker profile.        
Import LinkedIn® Data (Optional)
As an option you can quickly setup your profile by importing your LinkedIn® information. Great for getting started and making modifications later on our system via your control panel.
Choose Different Designs
Select from several designs for your profile.
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Add A Career Profile
Got a profile but nowhere to show it?
For any jobseeker, especially those who already have a website or online profile to promote their services (i.e: self-employed, contractors).        
Added Profile
Being part of dedicated platform helping your profile get discovered based on your skills and talent. Minimize the difficulty of others finding your profile on the web at large.
Follow A Few Easy Steps
Provide a link.
Get approved.
All added profiles are reviewed by moderators before being accepted. See our guidelines for more details.
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Special Features
Get discovered.
Customize Search Tags
Create your own keywords to match to your profile or resume so employers can find you in search results.
This feature is tied to your full account and therefore works whether you use a profile and/or just a resume.
By default your profile or resume can be search for by first and/or last name.
Profile Screenshot
Once approved members can make changes to their site and refesh their screenshot without further approval unless the url changes.
This allows you to tweak your site and quickly update the screenshot's new look.
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